first day of summer 2012

Today is the first day of summer and I can't believe that it is already June 20th! It seems like just yesterday was Easter. We've been having the very typical June gloom in Southern California and haven't had a summer-feeling beach day yet. Hopefully they are around the corner but I don't think we're going to see it for a while still. I am looking forward to warm picnic lunches outside, long walks, warm days, BBQs, and playing in the sand. 

A Grace Kelly inspired First Day of Summer from last year


Tim said...

We are having a BBQ at the moment. My dad actually just about caught himself on fire on my grill. Kind of funny, and kind of not...He singed his arm hairs off though... I agree with you about how quickly time passes. Why does that happen?!


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sidney said...

i would like to also have these warm picnics and evening walks with you! xo

Hannah said...

so beautiful! where has the time gone?! summers halfway over! :(

Sofie Han said...

lovely post <3
check mine if you want :)

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