a girl can dream: [black & gold]

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I'm launching a new little feature called "a girl can dream." The things that I love are usually two things: unique and/or practical. I love things are that that are unique because they are either vintage or handmade. I also like practical things that won't break the bank, are comfortable and make sense for my lifestyle with still looking like me. These two pieces are both of those things. This gorgeous jacket by EmersonMade is practical in that it is a basic black. It could be worn over just about anything. With blue jeans and a white tee or over a classy dress. These amazing Lulu Frost rings I've had my eye on for a while. I love how unique they are and that you can choose the perfect combo to mean something to you. They are a bit pricey but I love that I could have one 5, I am Chanel No. 5 after all, or a stack of our anniversary date. Wouldn't you love both of these?


KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

I love those number rings! I blogged about them too. I want my wedding anniversary - 0802.

Carly said...

I just clicked on the link to buy the 5 for you but then saw the price and realized I still live at home. It's the thought that counts right?