santa baby...

Since it's Friday and I've posted all the gift guides that I had planned I thought I would share just a few things that I wouldn't be mad about seeing under the tree. Some of these things you've seen in the past gift guides. Some are new. Really all I want for Christmas is a little break from the crazy that has been normal in my life right now. I am definitely looking forward to a little time to slow down and just be in the holiday spirit with my loving and ever encouraging husband. This weekend we're having a little holiday party so get excited for a post with all the fun next week! Until then...happy weekend!

tiger lily collections necklace
(been lusting after this for a while)

j.crew earrings

gorgeous grey and rose gold Michael Kors watch

Chan Luu gold leather wrap bracelet

Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment 

Marc Jacobs Havana aviators

gold glittered iPhone case 

polka dot clutch

leopard socks

Lululemon DTB bag

N.Peal cashmere cable knit snood

any cashmere oversized sweater

colored jeans like these from J Brand 
(note: I would never spend this much on colored jeans)

don't miss these additions to your shopping list for the weekend:


Daryl said...

Girl, you got great taste!

<3 Daryl
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Dorothy A. said...

I love that iPhone case!
And I'm with you; those jeans are so cute, but I would never spend that much.

I hope you see some of this stuff under your tree!

Paislea Elyse said...

you always find the cutest items!!

allister bee blog

Kasey Lynne said...

Are these the same sunglasses that you posted about a week ago??? LOVE them.

Umm and I am going to buy those scarves?? Why are they called snoods??

And of course I love those socks.

bevy said...

I'd be pretty please to find a few of those items under my tree! I really need those socks! Simple want, but still, they'll go great with the rest of my leopard stuff.

le sorelle said...

Oh my gosh that glittered iPhone case is one of the cutest I've seen! I seriously want an iPhone now..

Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

sorelle in style

Adele said...

Txs for following Chanel! I love the polka dot purse! Following you right back hun! Happy weekend xoxo

Keri~Native Moss said...

Such great ideas! You have thought of everything. I really like the pop of color that the jeans give the outfit.

Style Dilettante said...

Love your gift guides!!!

Happy Holidays!

Lyosha said...

lovely wishlist! I feel like I definitely could share it with you!

Inside and Outside Blog

Annie said...

Such cute those cowl scarves and the chuck Ts :)

The Other Side of Gray

signature mix said...

I love the polka dot clutch and colorful jeans. I hope you get everything you wish for. said...

I wouldn't mind seeing any of these under my tree either!! ;p Especially that clutch - how cute!! <3

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Very cute wish list here :) I love the shades, the clutch, and the jeans (while you may not, there's no reason why Santa can't spend that much on you ;)