10 for the weekend

[artwork for by way of ney]

Well, well my friends, another weekend is upon us. I'm not going to lie...there's A LOT to be done this weekend and much of it does not include relaxing. I suppose I give that to have a vacation next week. Here's some things that were just too splendid not to share. 

1] LOVE this custom stamp

2] want this bedding please

3] great print...too good of a reminder 

4] an Italian phrase to learn and live by

5] Oh my goodness...this starts this weekend!

6] um...nutella cookie??? you had me at hello! 

7] a great geometric clutch that is pocketbook friendly

8] beautiful bubbles. makes me want to be a kid in the summer at the park again.

9] the best commentary on women and how our bodies are viewed both by us and those around us

10] eeeeEEeee...I almost couldn't handle the cuteness of this video my sister sent me. AND, I officially want one. A little pink one!


In case you missed it here:

DIY in perfect time for Mother's Day

a month in my shoes

engagement gift guide

a DIY mint clutch

I hope that you're weekend is filled with warmth, sunshine, laughter and productivity. Choose joy every step of the way!




I really enjoyed reading the mermaid or whale article. We are definitely whales when it comes to body, mind, spirit, and love for adventure, however we are mermaids when it comes to our long locks and love of pretty things ;)

Wil Harris said...

DIYs are the best Mother's Day gift and Nutella, soooo good. We love your blog and are now following! :)

Carly said...

1. That custom stamp is so charming!
4. What could be better than that idea?
8. More of a facial reaction to this (8-O) and also !!!!!!
9. I know of at least one mermaid to have existed ;) Shiloh Pepin
10. Duh.